The UZK12.071 battery module utilizes one nonspillable maintenance-free VRLA lead-acid battery,which is assembled in a package with all wiring and fusing included.The battery module is available in two different options. It can be ordered as UZK-module with a battery or as UZO-module without a battery which can be installed at a later date to avoid outdated batteries.The battery module can either be mounted on a DIN-rail or be screwed on a flat surface.



● Two Mounting Options:DIN-Rail or Panel/ Wall Mounting
● Small Mounting Footprint
● Easy Access to the Terminals and the Fuse
● Heavy Duty Fuse Holder and Spare Fuse Included
● 3 Year Warranty, Except for Batteries, Which Are Considered a Service Part.
◆ Nominal voltage DC 12V
◆ Nominal battery 7Ah
◆ capacity
◆ Nominal battery life 3 to 5 years According EUROBAT
◆ Battery current Max. 30A Discharging current
◆ Max. 1.8A Charging current
◆ Recommended 13.9V At 10°C
◆ charging voltage 13.75V At 20°C
◆ 13.6V At 30°C
◆ 13.45V At 40°C
◆ Self-discharge rate 3%/month At 20°C
◆ Battery fuse 30A ATOF 287 030 from Littelfuse
◆ Temperature range -10°C to +40°C For charging
◆ -15°C to +50°C For discharging
◆ Size (WxHxD) 155x124x112mm WxHxD
◆ Weight 3300g / 7.3lb 600g / 1.32lb For UZK12.071 For UZO12.07
◆ 600g / 1.32lb For UZO12.07