YR20.242 NEW

The YR20.242 is a redundancy module for building redundant power supply systems. It is equipped with two input channels and one output. The two inputs are decoupled by MOSFET technology. In addition to the YR20.242, the YR20.246 is available which is featured with an automated load sharing between the connected power supplies and functions which monitor defects in the redundancy circuit or too high output currents, which could prevent redundancy, if one power supply fails. The YR20.242 utilizes MOSFETs instead of diodes for the decoupling of the two input channels. This reduces the heat generation and the voltage drop between input and output. The redundancy module does not require an additional auxiliary voltage. Due to the low power losses, the unit is very slender and only requires 32mm width on the DIN-rail. Large connection terminals allow for a safe and fast installation. The large international approval package makes this unit suitable for nearly every application.



● For N+1 and 1+1 Redundant Systems
● Dual Input with Single Output
● Only 60mV Voltage Drop at 10A Output Current
● Only 0.6W Loss at 10A
● 160% (32.5A) Peak Load Capability
● Reverse Input Polarity Protection
● Full Power Between -40°C and +70°C
● Width only 32mm
● Rugged Metal Housing
● Easy Wiring:Distribution Terminal for Negative Pole Included
◆ Input voltage DC 12-28V ±30%
◆ Input voltage range 8.4-36.4Vdc
◆ Input current 2x 0-24A ambient +45°C**)
◆ 2x 0-20A ambient +70°C**
◆ Output current 0-24A ambient +45°C
◆ 0-20A ambient +70°C
◆ max. 26A in overload*) or
◆ short circuit mode
◆ Input to output 60mV input: 2x5A
◆ voltage drop 110mV input: 2x10A
◆ Power losses 210mW at no load
◆ 0.6W input: 2x5A
◆ 2.0W input: 2x10A
◆ Temperature range -40°C to +70°C operational
◆ Dimensions 32x124x117mm WxHxD
◆ Weight 250g, 0.56lb
◆ *) Currents at voltages below 6V
◆ **) Sum of input current of both input max. 20A rsp. 24A