The YR80.241 is a redundancy module, which can be used to build 1+1 and N+1 redundant systems. It is equipped with two input channels, which can be connected to power supplies with up to 40A output current and one output, which can carry nominal currents up to 80A. The module is suitable for power supplies with constant current overload behavior as well as any kind of “Hiccup” overload behavior. In addition to the YR80.241, the YRH80.241 is also available which is cost-optimized and only suitable for power supplies with a HiccupPLUS overload behavior. The novelty of this redundancy module is the utilization of mosfets instead of diodes for the decoupling of the two input channels. This reduces the heat generation and the voltage drop between input and output. The redundancy module does not require an additional auxiliary voltage and is self-sufficient even in case of a short circuit across the output. Due to the low power losses, the unit is very slender and only requires 46mm width on the DIN-rail. Large connection terminals allow for a safe and fast installation with a large international approval package. This unit is suitable for nearly every application.



● For N+1 and 1+1 Redundant Systems
● ƒ Dual Input with Single Output
● ƒ Minimal Losses - Mosfets Instead of Diodes
● Only 50mV Voltage Drop at 40A Output Current
● Only 2.7W Loss at 40A and 8.3W at 80A Output Current
● 160% (130A) Peak Load Capability
● Reverse Input Polarity Protection
● Full Power Between -40°C and +70°C
● Width only 46mm
● Rugged Metal Housing
● Easy Wiring:
● Distribution Terminal for Negative Pole Included
● 3 Year Warranty
◆ Input voltage DC 12-28V ±30%
◆ Input voltage 8.4-36.4Vdc
◆ range
◆ Input current 2x 0-40A continuous
◆ 2x 40-65A for 5 seconds
◆ Output current 0-80A continuous
◆ 80-130A for 5 seconds
◆ 130A at cont. overload/short circuit
◆ Input to output typ. 49mV input: 2x20A
◆ voltage drop typ. 85mV input: 1x40A
◆ typ. 95mV input: 2x40A
◆ Power losses typ. 700mW at no load
◆ typ. 2.7W input: 2x20A
◆ typ. 3.6W input: 1x40A
◆ typ. 8.3W input: 2x40A
◆ Temperature range -40°C to +70°C operational,no de-rating req.
◆ Dimensions 46x124x127mm*) WxHxD
◆ *) plus 6mm in depth for the screw terminal